10 Ways to use Facebook Safely

Talk to your child:

  • Ask your child not to post information that could help strangers find them
  • Ask your child not to post information on-line that could jeopardise their future
  • Ask your child to show you how they set up Facebook’s privacy settings, understand what they know and what their attitude is.
  • Get them to realise that whatever they post on-line can effect their relationships with other people both positive and negative, Facebook is part of the real world, not an abstract cyber world.  If your children are aggressive on-line it will come back to haunt them.

Use Facebook:

  • Become your child’s Facebook “friend”, it gives you the opportunity to see and understand what they are doing.
  • Read your child’s profile, ask yourself dispassionately what it says about your child.  Is it appropriate?
  • Don’t embarrass your child on-line, it is a very good way to get “un-friended”.

Facebook Settings:

  • Limit messages to friends and family only, so your child can only get e-mail messages from people they know.
  • Limit who can see your child’s profile.  Work through the privacy controls with your child.  Be especially careful with contact information.  Does your child really want all their friends friends to have their phone number?  Should their phone number be available at all?
  • Be aware of Facebook’s places setting.  This allows the chip in your child’s mobile phone to show the world where they are.

If you would like to learn more you can read the excellent pdf, A Parents Guide to Facebook

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