Taking Candy from Babies

If I was unscrupulous there are a number of things I could do over the internet:

1.  I could trick people into giving me their credit card numbers, maybe with some “attractive” offers.
2.  I could spam people, probably with links to pornography sites.  It is a numbers game, there is always somebody who will click through.  Pay per click.
3.  I could create a list of people’s phone numbers and sell it to an outbound dialling scam, maybe promoting “free” holidays in the Caribbean
4.  I could circulate a virus that sends out e-mails to all the recipients contacts, probably with links to the pay-per-click pornography site. Or maybe one that causes people’s PCs to crash.
5.  I could also, if I was that way inclined, try to groom children online.

The only problem I face is getting the personal information from people.  Most adults realise that some offers are just too good to be true.  Children on the other hand are much more gulible.  And I get to children via their e-mail account.

Easy really, like taking candy from a baby.